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Posted: 2023/11/07

GARDEN CITY PARK, NY: Halloween may already have come and gone, but this week is definitely more treat than trick for those who love books in general, and Sherlock Holmes in particular.

Now released by Square One Publishers is Doyle's World—Lost and Found ($29.95 USD, ISBN: 9780757004483) the brand new hardcover from son/father writing team and pediatricians Daniel Friedman, MD, and Eugene Friedman, MD. The book's subtitle says it all, as it's The Unknown Histories of Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Earlier this week, an article all about the Friedmans and their new book appeared in the popular daily newspaper Newsday. To get a look at the article (which features a playful photo of the Friedmans wearing their deerstalker caps and using a magnifying glass in homage to Holmes and Dr. Watson), click here or below:

Also unveiled this week is a review for the book from New York Journal of Books (to see, click here). Here is a pulled quote from the review, which is clearly a winning title in the reviewer's estimation:

“While ostensibly a biography of [Sir Arthur Conan] Doyle, Doyle’s World—Lost & Found is, in fact, much more . . . It therefore ‘transcends mere biography and literary criticism.’ The authors intentionally eschew from using any biographies or book written about Doyle after 1943, and instead rely on primary sources . . . [It] will appeal most to fellow enthusiasts of Doyle and his Sherlock Holmes mysteries . . . an engaging read . . . following [the authors’] case is always a pleasure and enjoying how they let their evidence unfold is part of the fun.”

The Friedmans' new book (a companion volume to their first effort The Strange Case of Dr. Doyle, available now in updated trade paperback along with original hardcover format) has also been praised by:

* Popular reviewer Jana R. Martin in Medium ("If the world of Sherlock Holmes and its ever-inventive creator Doyle grip you in the same thrall that it so clearly has the Friedmans, then Doyle’s World—Lost & Found will be a great read. It’s packed with lore, real-life detail, ambitious assertions, and an obvious — and infectious — love of its subject");

* Booklist ("There are knockouts, such as when it’s revealed that ‘The Sign of the Four’ is a landlocked version of Stevenson’s Treasure Island . . . Sherlockians will love this and want more"); and

Kirkus Reviews ("A deep dive into all things Doyle . . . suited for hard-core fans [of Doyle and Holmes].")

The tide of approval from other writers and fellow Holmes enthusiasts for Doyle’s World also continues to rise, as the following accolades so amply indicate:

“Everything you ever wanted to know about the dynamic duo”

“For fans of Sherlock Holmes and his creator, you can't do better than plunge into Doyle's World—Lost & FoundThe Unknown Histories of Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. There you will find everything you ever wanted to know about the dynamic duo, including much it never would
have occurred to you to ask.”

Nicholas Meyer, Oscar-nominated screenwriter/director and bestselling author of The Seven-Per-Cent Solution and The Return of the Pharaoh

“Your passport to a thrilling world”

“Absolutely mesmerizing! Son-father duo Daniel Friedman, MD and Eugene Friedman, MD take us on a vividly written journey into the mysterious labyrinth that is the life and mind of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle—a deft unraveling of the tapestry of inspirations, experiences and intricate puzzle pieces that gave birth to the enigmatic genius of Sherlock Holmes. Whether you’re a devoted ‘Sherlockian,’ an aficionado of literature, or an eager explorer of the human psyche, this book is your passport to a thrilling world where fiction and reality blur into one.”

Ben Mezrich, New York Times bestselling author of The Accidental Billionaires and Dumb Money

“Impressive research”

“Sir Arthur Conan Doyle revolutionized the mystery novel when he created Sherlock Holmes—but now, in their new book Doyle’s World, the Friedmans may just have revolutionized how we look at Doyle himself. Drawing on all manner of impressive research, this book delivers the goods. It even presents some brand new mysteries of its own, with solutions to boot. Holmes and Doyle fans, unite!”

Jeffery Deaver, bestselling author of The Bone Collector and Hunting Time   

The book also features exquisite illustrations commissioned specifically for this book and created by the great comic book artists Ramona Fradon, Scott Hanna, Ben Moody, and Diana Leto (who drew the frightful image that you see alongside this update).

Doyle's World—Lost & FoundThe Unknown Histories of Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
 is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and everywhere else books are sold. Enjoy!

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Posted: 2023/11/01

GARDEN CITY PARK, NY: What do you get when you have 27 remarkable women all contribute to one book? The answer here at Square One is this: One fantastic book!

Released in early October, Secrets of Successful Women Inventors is already garnering praise within the book trade—not to mention a heap of attention across various social media sites and applications.

Leading the team is the book's editor, Edith G. Tolchin, who first brought together all of these wonderful women inventors and contributors so that the book serves as a definitive look at both the art—and the commerceat the center of the inventor's world. (To learn more about Tolchin, you can click here for her website.)

A flurry of popular posts have been shared by the book’s various contributors on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok among others—posts have been shared and picked up at least once a day since the book’s publication on October 3.

In addition, Tolchin recently appeared (along with fellow book contributors and women inventors Kenya Adams and Angelique N. Warner) on the "Inventivity Pod" supported by the Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention. Earlier this week, the first of a two-part interview series featured a Q&A with Tolchin in the specialty publication Above the Law (to see this first article, you can click here). And there was also a TV segment from Peoria, Illinois with book contributor/inventor Athalia Monae on 25News' "Community Corner" all about her Pouches by Alahta company . . . and, of course, this new book.

Secrets of Successful Women Inventors was recently reviewed by Booklist (the flagship publication for the American Library Association), which had this to say about the book:

“[P]roves that America can indeed be the land of invention opportunities for women . . . includes inventing how-tos and remarks from experts on intellectual property, public relations, social media, funding resources, and the like. This inspirational tome on do-it-yourself inventing would make a great pairing with other related practicums.” —Barbara Jacobs, Booklist

And just this past week, the book received another excellent review from Jana R. Martin over at Medium. Here below is a choice excerpt:

"This is an inspiring guidebook for women inventors—and, indeed, anyone interested in the spirit and sometimes slog of innovation. While there are lookbacks at the women throughout history who paved the way, the book focuses on women now—and that’s part of its appeal. This is a savvy book by an insider about savvy women who made it, despite plenty of obstacles . . . [features] a parade of success stories—all women inventors—told in first-person narrative . . . [Tolchin] has also gathered a set of secrets and strategies from women inventors that almost seems like a superheroine’s toolkit. There’s a wellspring of tips, from PR to funding to packaging, and accounts of how particular inventions made it all the way through the long journey from concept to revenue. Nothing is ignored here, and nor is the underlying message. Women deserve to be at the forefront of innovation. Armed with the knowledge presented in this book, and standing on the shoulders of the many women inventors who have paved the way, they will." - Jana R. Martin

This is our second book with acclaimed writer and longtime Inventors Digest columnist Edith G. Tolchin, whose first book with us is Secrets of Successful Inventing ($19.95 USD, ISBN: 9780757004070) from 2015. About the new book and Ms. Tolchin's longstanding experience within the industry, Shark Tank celebrity Barbara Corcoran has this to say:

“Edith G. Tolchin has spent her entire career working with inventors. In Secrets of Successful Women Inventors, Edith highlights some of the greatest top-notch successful women inventors and reputable service providers, all eager to share their stories and advice. In her easy-going, personable style, Edith has gleaned the 'cream of the crop' from each of these impressive women. It’s a gift to anyone who’s ever had a winning idea but nowhere to go and no roadmap to birth their vision.” —Barbara Corcoran, “Shark” on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank and founder of the Corcoran Group

In addition to the growing chorus of hosannas coming from all directions since its publication, there is now talk of bringing Secrets of Successful Women Inventors to audiobook format. More on that to come, but it's safe to say that the secret is definitely out on this book! Be sure to pick up your copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, or anywhere and everywhere else that books are sold.

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Posted: 2023/09/29

GARDEN CITY PARK, NY: This week, Square One publisher Rudy Shur's interview with Dr. Judith Briles on her "AUTHOR U - YOUR GUIDE TO BOOK PUBLISHING" podcast has been released.

To hear the interview, you can either click here or access the link provided below:

The discussion with Dr. Briles is focused on Shur's career in book publishing, with specific mention of his bestselling title How to Publish Your Nonfiction Book (now in a Second Edition).

A few weeks back, Dr. Briles also brought on another of Square One's authors for two subsequent episodes. In the first, longtime self-publishing expert Dr. Jan Yager talked about her books How to Promote Your Book and her previous title with Square One, How to Self-Publish Your Book. To hear that interview, you can either click here or check out the talk in the link below:

Next up on Dr. Briles podcast for authors will be informative discussions with longtime children's book pro and longtime journalist Liza N. Burby (How to Publish Your Children's Book, Second Edition) and then a spirited conversation about special sales in publishing with longtime book biz aficionado Brian Jud (whose book with us, How to Make Real Money Selling Books, is also now in a Second Edition).

Square One's titles are all available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and everywhere else where books are sold.

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Posted: 2023/09/26

The Point
Who would have thought that my very own learning disability
would have allowed me to become a book publisher.
It probably would have come as a shock to many of my teachers.

Learning disabilities such as the one that I have, dyslexia, aren’t all that much fun, or are they?  I’ve given a lot of thought to how dyslexia has affected my life. What I’ve come up with are three things—the good, the bad, and the ugly—and I would like to share some of my thoughts.

First, let’s understand more fully what dyslexia is and then let’s look at the good, the bad, and the ugly that reside at the heart of this issue—and since I seem to get a lot of things backwards anyway, let’s start with the ugly.

What is dyslexia? In general, it is the inability to perceive words and numbers in the correct order. It can also be a lack of knowing your right side from your left. For some people it can make reading almost impossible—for others, it is something they learn to live with. I knew I had a problem early on, but it wasn’t until I saw a segment on CBS-TV’s 60 Minutes that I realized my problem had a name. The report focused on a Columbia University student with dyslexia and how she had sued the school because she was not allowed to audio-record lectures given by one of her professors. Because of her condition, she was unable to write down notes. She had won the lawsuit, and as the reporter discussed her problem, I realized that to a great extent I had many of the same issues.  It was probably why I wasn’t too big on note taking, either. So what I had now had a name—and that was important for me to know.

The Ugly

While about twenty percent (20%) of the general population is said to have some form of dyslexia, forty-eight percent (48%) of prison inmates are also estimated to have this condition. Obviously, their individual life choices didn’t help them to avoid jail time—but from the start, neither did their inability to understand why school was so difficult or why they saw fewer opportunities for them to have a better life. I can understand the level of frustration they may have felt growing up, but so much has to do with the way you are raised. If I hadn’t begun working in my father’s bakery in Flushing, New York at the age of ten, perhaps my story would have been entirely different.

The Bad

I think it’s fair to say time has taught us that some teachers can be mean to those students whose responses are markedly different than what is expected from a question that they pose in class. In my high school History class, the question I was asked was how did the railroad change America’s expansion into the West? My answer? “The railroad brought many trains to the West.” The class apparently loved that answer and laughed very loudly. My teacher’s response was tersely worded: “Mister Shur, please leave the room.” It was only when the class was let out, and a friend told me what I had inadvertently said, that I understood why I got the laugh in the first place.

And then there was Math class. I had pretty much failed nearly all the tests. Keeping numbers straight was never easy. I spoke to the Math teacher about my grades, and she said that if I passed the Regents exam—a mandatory test given by New York State at the end of each secondary school year—then she would pass me. For weeks, I studied as hard as I could. I got a 66%, which was deemed a passing grade, but the teacher still failed me. Thankfully, I did pass the summer school course. And don’t get me started on my attempts to pass my driving test in order to get a license. Apparently, you really do need to know your left turn from your right. The fact of the matter is that you can’t control the symptoms of dyslexia, which I know all too well.

The Good

Without really knowing about it, I think dyslexia actually prepared me for adulthood. Initially, I learned to accept the fact that those mistakes of mine caused by dyslexia were going to be with me for the rest of my life. It was simply part of who I was, and instead of getting frustrated, I learned to do things over and over until I got it right. Whether it was editing manuscripts, writing articles, speaking in front of groups, or simply reading a book, these tasks took more effort but the outcome was worth it. All skills necessary to be in publishing—however, how I got into publishing is another story. As a book publisher, I have tried to take all the good that dyslexia has given me and publish books that are accessible, easy to understand, and jam-packed with solid information all worth knowing. In addition, my dyslexia has allowed me the opportunity to publish books specifically for children and adults who have learning disabilities. (See the list of titles below.) Hopefully, one of these titles can help someone like me to deal more practically with their own personal issues.

Considering all the possible outcomes, when all is said and done, it seems to me that my dyslexia has worked out just fine. After all, my expansion as a publisher over the years has brought many books to the North, the South, the East—and oh, yes, the West.

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WHEN THE SUBJECT IS RAPE now available as an audiobook

Posted: 2023/09/25

Garden City Park, NY: Square One is pleased to announce that its newest title When the Subject Is Rape ($17.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0522-0) has now been made available in audiobook format as narrated by Christy Hodson.

Written by Alan W. McEvoy, PhD, When the Subject Is Rape is designed specifically to illustrate the role men can play as allies in a woman’s recovery from rape.

This book examines the many aspects of rape. It looks at both the short- and long-term emotional and psychological impacts rape can have on a woman, what she can expect during the prosecution of her rapist, and strategies that can help her to recover from the assault. It discusses how the men in her life should communicate with her and address her needs throughout her recovery, and describes how they should conduct themselves to avoid unintentionally causing her more pain. It also explains how to identify changes in behavior that may signal an undisclosed rape. Even if a rape goes unreported, both the emotional consequences and the need for support throughout the recovery process will still be present.

Rape is not an easy subject to discuss. Sexual violence can radically alter the course of a woman's life. By understanding the trauma associated with rape and other forms of sexual assault, men can play an important part in a woman's healing process. When the Subject Is Rape provides information that can help men to create a climate of support for the empowerment of women who are on the path to recovery.

The book has been applauded by Publishers Weekly (“An insightful manual . . . an ideal road map for male partners or friends who want to help, but don’t know where to start”), Medium (“There’s a continuous sense of humanity and sensitivity to McEvoy’s guidance”), and Midwest Book Review (“Expertly written . . . every community library, every college/university library, and every counseling center needs to have a copy of When the Subject Is Rape”). In addition, Dr. McEvoy has a popular blog supported by the nationally popular magazine Psychology Today – to see Dr. McEvoy’s blog, you can click here or copy/paste the URL below:

To hear a sample from the just-released When the Subject Is Rape in audio, please CLICK HERE.

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